Monday, April 18, 2011

Google Docs

Recently I have been having trouble with one of my computers so decided to try using Google Docs which I could access from any computer.

If you go to Google - -  and then click the 'more' tab you will find a link to Documents.

Available resource options include Document, Presentation and Spreadsheets.

I have created a number of documents for projects and then printed or downloaded them into Word documents. Google Docs may not have all the features of the latest version of Word but the basic features are there.

For the last History Victoria Support Group seminar day, instead of using PowerPoint, I used the Presentation Resource to create the slides and then saved it to PowerPoint for use on the day as I did not have online access when giving the talk.

Advantages of using Google Docs include being able to access them anywhere there is a connection to the Internet. Documents can be shared with people designated by the creator of the documents.

Google Docs is one of several online tools available for creating documents etc. Such tools are worth investigating especially when working on a number of computers or working on a joint project.