Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creating a slide show using Flickr

Flickr is a free photo sharing website - - where any photographer can post their images.

For the heritage walk project I wanted to include a slide show of some of the sites in the walk so I wandered around the city, trying to avoid traffic and pedestrians, to take photos with a digital camera. It is amazing how many construction sites and signs there are in the city when you want to photograph a building. I am not a photographer but the images should give the viewer, especially those not going on the actual walk, a pictorial view of the walk.

I already had a Flickr account (Click the Create Your Account button, then follow the directions, on the Flickr website to create your own account) so I loaded the images into a new album on the Flickr site.

There are many ways that images on Flickr can be used including creating slide shows of your own images or other images on Flickr. I used the slide show generator on the website Big Huge Labs
The generator provides you with a string of text to include in your website to generate the slide show.

The result for the slide show for the first part of the heritage walk is -
Link to slide show:
Slide show can be viewed at View slideshow


Button for slide show - View slideshow

One of these links will be inserted into the Podcast page on the website together with the link to the Podcast file.


Sandusky Library said...

Your blog is terrific!

This is the url of the blog from the Archives of the Sandusky Library, if you would like to take a look:

Centennial College said...


I will try in this Flickr today. I have seen some slide show in Flickr. Just few days ago my friend he is also a Computer Systems Technician he just created a slide show in Flickr. Excellent effect in it.