Thursday, August 5, 2010

RHSV Information Technology and Historical Societies Survey 2010 (part 8)

  • Time – 116
  • Staff– 99
  • Finance – 56
  • Inadequate training – 47
  • Inadequate equipment – 40
  • Inadequate guidelines – 22
  • Other* – 25 
 *Lack of interest, inadequate space and aging volunteers frequently cited

Availability of volunteers
  • Limited number of volunteers
  • Recruiting people to be involved or commit to projects is sometimes difficult
  • Hard to find people interested in historical research – even their own properties
  • Availability of data entry operators – age of membership
  • Finding volunteers with appropriate skills
  • Insufficient number of volunteers computer literate
  • Limited time availability for those with limited skills
  • We always need more suitably skilled volunteers
  • Just commenced cataloguing project and currently training new volunteers
  • Had heritage volunteers – great
Age of volunteers
  • Age of membership mainly seniors – multiple community commitments
  • Most of our twelve members are elderly
  • Membership of 15 members, mostly elderly – secretary does all the computer work – membership numbers declining – four moved recently to aged care
  • Majority of members past retirement age – most do not have computers or computer skills – those with computer skills, skills limited – many will not even turn on the computer to look at the database despite it being set up for easy access
  •  Members in the 75+ age group – they have a go
Computer literacy
  • Lack of interest in members learning how to use a computer
  • People – not enough researchers or computer literate people
  • Computer literate active members (lack thereof)
  • Lack of volunteers – due to age find computers a challenge – don’t retain computer skills learnt
  • Not many confident (computer) users in the older generation
  • Only the secretary is computer literate plus webmaster
  • Inadequate space (3)
  • Inadequate space – our space is storage – desperately need an office space area
  • Room not big enough for more than three
  • Facilities inadequate – cold! No plumbing, telephone, internet – but not enough people to warrant it?
  • Difficulty of heating premises in winter
  • Space / area needs upgrading & fitting out to be used – currently work is done off-site
  • Society meets in neighbourhood house where no storage allowed
  • Access to the building difficult at night

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